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Are there rules for swinging couples?

Yes there are rules for swinging couples! It is not just a free-for-all as some people may believe. Some rules for swinging couples can include things like only the girls play, partners must play in the same room, no kissing, or soft swap only. Whatever you and your partner decide is right for you is okay. You must remember you are in this for each other. Therefore, whatever play situation you experience with others is the bonus to your strong relationship.

What is in this Episode

Check out this episode to hear couples discuss their own rules. You may notice that many of the couples from Our Secret Spot have few rules. However, points to note is the common theme of respecting other peoples boundaries brought up by each couple. Whilst you as couple may have little rules, other couples may have there own and it is very important to respect others. This is important no matter if you attend a club or meet couples one on one.

What’s next

Be sure to listen to our previous episode “Welcome to the Club” to hear about what can happen inside a swingers club. Also, if you use iTunes it would mean a lot to us it you subscribed and gave us rating and review on the podcast.

Stay sexy!

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