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Single Male Application


This page details how to apply to attend the venue as a single gent. Please read all the details and instructions carefully.
Failure on any single aspect of the application will result in the rejection of your application. This may seem like a lot, however, we want to do our utmost to ensure all guests help contribute to the venue’s atmosphere that aligns with our values.

Before Purchasing:

Please fill out this form, making sure all details are correct and wait for your approval email before ordering your ticket. Single male tickets usually sell out 2-3 weeks in advance so it is best to apply for events further out in the calendar to increase your chances. No applications will be accepted 24 hours before the event. Purchasing a ticket without approval will incur a $50 admin fee on the refund.

Attending the Club:

All single men must adhere to a strict dress code. We ask all our patrons to dress to impress and expect this of our single men. Clothing that is not accepted are thongs, sandals, singlets, gym gear, casual clothing, and/or shorts – unless this is set to the theme of the event (e.g., summer parties or Bikini beach events)

After you have applied:

  • Wait. Your applications will go into a queue for that event and be reviewed as soon as possible. Applications can take up to 72 hours or more to be reviewed.
  • For events that have yet to go on sale, we will review these applications once sales have opened.
  • If you are accepted – go ahead and buy your ticket.
  • If you are rejected. Accept it and move on. We will not explain our reasons why or be bargained with.
  • An application review is only valid for the event you chose. All single men need to re-apply for any future events regardless of if they have been previously accepted.

Fill out our application form below to apply:

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