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Intrigued about what a swingers club is really all about? Still deciding if swinging is the right choice for your relationship? Then listen to what real couples have to say about their first swingers club experience.

This is the first episode of a new swingers club podcast we at Our Secret Spot have created. This episode was recorded on Sunday 12th June at our ‘Royal Debauchery’ party to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday Long-Weekend.

“Our First Swingers Club Experience” – What you will Hear

  • Couples describe what it is like coming to Our Secret Spot for the first time.
  • Couples discuss how welcoming and fun the atmosphere is.
  • Our Secret Spot is compared to other clubs around Australia and the world.
  • A juicy bit of p#$$y licking is witnessed

Once the couples see that everyone there is just like them (fun, sexy and ‘normal’) the barriers come down and the party begins!

Swingers clubs suddenly don’t seem that scary. Welcome to the club.

Listen to our podcast here: