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Below are people we love that we have a special relationship with and we happily support each other.



Hi there!  We are a married couple originally from the United States currently living in Sydney, Australia.  We are both bisexual and have been living in an open relationship since the day we started in this relationship.

 Some think this means that we aren’t committed to one another, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  We are fiercely loyal to one another and consider each other to be “home base”, the place we will always return to no matter what.

Join us as we talk, explore, and discover more about ourselves and each other.

Listen to the podcast here

Plus our latest episodes with By the Bi:

Interview With Our Secret Spot



Hen’s Knights provide Adult Male Entertainment to Hens throughout Australia
including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle & Wollongong!

A Hen’s night can always use a Knight in shining armour… especially when there is no armour!



Red Heaven Events is a collaboration that aims to bring alive Sydney’s sexiest parties. We are Sydney’s hottest, sexy, social & sophisticated event with International DJs and performances.

Since our launch on 29th May 2010, Red Heaven has been on a passionate music mission, locking in top internationally acclaimed DJs to entertain our guests. This has created a fun, seductive themed event, with an explosion of essential funky house tunes and a flirtatious and provocative style dress code.

Our aim is to keep our guests dancing all night long with phat beats and visually stimulated with deliciously captivating attire. Red Heaven is all about being sexy, sophisticated and social! Red Heaven Events are hosted within exclusive venues. Venues chosen are discrete and welcome even the most extravagant outfits. Join us for a wild night of music & mischief in our private venue.


Michael RH




We are a social group in the country NSW that run social meet and greets to enable couples to network and meet other people in the lifestyle. We also aim to educate couples and singles on consent and learn to navigate their way into swinging. We are genuine and enjoy bringing the country lifestyles to the city.
We live in the country and have run many events with and at Our Secret Spot. Contact us now through our email

Love to meet new country people as well as connect with our Sydney friends.

xx Marie & Anthony




Exclusively RHP is a group of friends from all over Australia who organises and runs, specialised upmarket events involving cruises, drinks, exotic weekends away, local meet and greets and pool parties. Exclusively RHP is for select couples and single females who very much enjoy the social aspect of the lifestyle, but also love what follows.




G’Day everyone, thanks for stopping by! If you’re curious about the hotwifing, swinging or non-monogamous lifestyle we’d love you to tune in to our podcast. We’re C&D the Aussie podcast duo that loves to share our journey and wicked sense of humour with you all on our fortnightly podcast. We’ve been together for over a decade but we started out in a monogamous relationship and in the past 5 years we’ve been non-monogamous.

We’d love you to drop by and listen to our podcast, read our blogs, subscribe to our newsletter and engage with us. We love talking with other sex positive people all over the world and cannot wait to hear your story. You can find ‘Swinging Downunder’ on all podcast catchers, through social media or our website

We’ve been podcasting now for over 5 years and some of our earlier episodes feature interviews with Our Secret Spot as well as visits and our journey. We cannot thank Jess and Lawrence enough for helping to create a place for us to start our journey all those years ago.



Chat, meet and play with kinky couples & singles, attend the hottest parties. Download the latest App now with video chat, Live messaging and naughty chat rooms. Swing over to RedHotPie and find your next adventure now!



The Sybian is the most exclusive and expensive sex toy in the world. Sydney based Club Sybian is for those women or couples who have experienced the Sybian or who just want to have some wild, orgasmic fun. SINGLES, COUPLES or even those liking a touch of FETISH will love it. We hire the Sybian for parties, couples or singles just wanting some fun.
Link for the website –