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Like everything in life, there are some rules and guidelines. Here at Our Secret Spot, we have some too.


This pertains to touching another person sexually. Yes, people at a swingers club may be more liberated than the average person, but you should ask politely first to avoid uncomfortable situations. Those who fail to ask and upset another person may be asked to leave by management.


At Our Secret Spot, no one is obliged, nor should they be, to partake in any activity with anyone else they do not want to. If you say no, consider the other person’s feelings and be polite. A simple “no, I’m not interested” or “thanks, but no thanks” is usually enough. If you are being turned down, respect the other person’s wishes and do not continue to pursue them. If a dispute arises, notify a staff member, and the situation will be dealt with.


This is a suggestion from the management at Our Secret Spot. Entering a swingers club or swinging for the first time can be daunting. To help avoid embarrassing misunderstandings and confrontations at the venue, it’s a wise choice to discuss with your partner before you arrive at the venue what you are happy to partake in and what you aren’t. Maybe have a code word if you need to have a discreet chat without making a situation awkward. Discussing boundaries with any new partners you meet at Our Secret Spot is also a helpful idea.


Our Secret Spot is a venue that has class, and our patrons reflect this. So consider your appearance when coming to the venue for a night out. Ladies, you should consider cocktail dresses, nightclub wear, and perhaps some lingerie underneath. Gents, consider a neatly pressed shirt, trousers, and dress shoes. We provide lockers so you can change into something that might not be acceptable on the street. Leave the joggers, ill-fitted denim, and t-shirts at home.


Respect your fellow patrons and staff. Be courteous to all that you encounter. Any rude, obnoxious, or offensive behaviour may result in removal from the premises or further action being taken in the form of bans.


Whilst we have no issue with you swapping phone numbers, saliva, or even underwear, we do recommend safer sex practices with those you have just met or don’t know very well. Nothing you don’t know already, but it makes us feel better saying it. We provide plenty of condoms and lubricants for your naughty activities, so use as much as you need.


The privacy of all our guests is paramount. Therefore, there is a strict NO PHOTOS policy. All phones are collected and stored at reception upon check-in to ensure people’s privacy. This avoids any uncomfortable situations.


To be clear, sex workers are more than welcome at Our Secret Spot – we do not allow soliciting other guests for sexual services. If you’re at the club, you are there for fun, not work. We do not employ sex workers to entertain guests as we feel it detracts from the essence of what Our Secret Spot is – and that is a safe and erotic place for mutually consenting adults to play freely among each other.


This means the taking, selling, or buying of any illicit drug. If you are discovered doing any of the above, the matter will be handed over to the police. We are a legitimate business, and the tarnishing of drugs is something we will not tolerate.


Guests that arrive as a couple must stay in and leave the venue together. We have this rule because (sometimes) sneaky men come to the club with a woman who has no interest in being there. The woman gets left alone in the social areas while the man effectively acts as a single male in the club.


This is a venue for open-minded, curious, and adventurous adults. There is no guarantee of playing with others. Go to a sex worker/s if you want the certainty of sex. If you don’t meet people you are interested in one night, don’t sweat it: there is always another night to see who can fulfil your desires.