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Ever wondered how couples end up getting into swinging? Are they unhappy in their relationship? Is it glorified cheating? Are they just total horn bags?

The answers may surprise you why couples decide getting into swinging is a good lifestyle choice. In this episode of our podcast you can hear what real couples have to say about their journey into venturing into the swinging lifestyle.

Hear about:

  • Nights of passion between groups of friends.
  • The happy wanderings of couples who then took up the swinging lifestyle more seriously.
  • The touch of infidelity that opened up the conversation and relationship.
  • Exploring sexuality and needing a safe place to do so

Attending Our Secret Spot or visiting websites like Red Hot Pie can help you on your path to discovering how awesome your relationship can become.

There are many reasons why couples get into swinging. Every couple will have their own story. What is important to remember is that swingers are just like you…


Listen to our podcast here: