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Australia's Hottest Swingers Club


Hello and welcome to Our Secret Spot. You’ve come to the right place to join Sydney’s best and friendliest swingers club.

Our Secret Spot Sydney swingers club serves as your pathway to a night of fantasy, exploration, seduction, and satisfaction.

Your wildest dreams and heart-racing thoughts no longer have to be just for you. Now you can join a swingers party in Sydney that is more than just a night out – it is an experience that will leave you craving more.

We are Sydney’s premier swingers club located in Annandale. Our core values of providing a sexy, fun, and safe space are maintained throughout our venue.

We look forward to seeing you very soon,

Jess and Lawrence xx


Is to be an exquisite emporium
of fantasy fuelled desires for
couples and singles to explore and revel in.




Truly memorable


Hey. We see you’ve scrolled down the page a little more. We suppose you have some more questions that you want answering. That’s great! We encourage questions and we are more than happy to answer them.

It’s not unusual to have a lot of questions before coming to a swingers club for the first time. Here are some of the most common questions we get:

  • What’s it like in your Sydney swingers club?
  • What type of people goes?
  • How many people attend usually?
  • Am I expected to participate?
  • Is it safe?


Here is the short answer to those questions.

Your experience will feature in a beautiful venue. The music is contemporary, the surroundings are decadent, and the atmosphere drips with lustful sexuality. At Our Secret Spot, you can enjoy sexual expression with your partner, other couples, and singles just like you.

The number of people that attend our adult club in Sydney varies from night to night. We prefer not to speculate on numbers on any given night. Being open and friendly to new people is the best way to enjoy your evening at our Sydney swingers club.

You are not expected to participate in any sexual situation with anyone anytime. Our core value of providing a fun and safe space gives all our guests the power to say no to anything they are not comfortable with. Your safety and enjoyment are paramount to us.

So, whether you’re a local, interstate, or international swinging couple, either experienced or a novice to the swinging lifestyle, you can be sure you’re in the hottest swingers club in Sydney.



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Here are some testimonials from guests who have visited Our Secret Spot swingers clubs in Sydney

AnonPrivate text Message

Hi, My wife and I had the night of our lives at OSS a few weeks ago. We are and average. First time ever for us and our relationship is absolutely humming. So in love (and lust) with each other. Children and life can make you lose yourselves but you were the spark that started our engine.

Mr & Mrs pieface8Red Hot Pie message

We’re early 30’s and attractive and we met really young couples there. A gorgeous Brazilian couple, hot American couple and some lovely young Aussies. On the second night we took a young couple back to our hotel! Awesome place and guaranteed to have a great time. We will go back for sure!

Mrs S & Mr BPrivate Email

This is a great club well worth trying – bring some friends like we did this time, or meet people there that you have met on here (Crikey it’s stack safer and more reliable meeting at a club than a bar) and have a good time.

Miss EmPrivate Message

Hi L, Just want to say a massive thank you to you and your girlfriend for Saturday night. It exceeded my expectations and I had so much fun. Your venue is awesome, completely different to what I had imagined a swingers club would be like. It was very clean, very un-intimidating and very welcoming. A massive thank you!


Hey beautiful people. Thank goodness OSS is a real place, it was all fantasy for me all this time till last sunday. Thank you guys for creating this place to cater for lovers like us. My husband and I had the best night for our first time at OS! The rooms were very clean and the staff were gorgeous.

Chateau VinoRed Hot Pie message

Congrats to the wonderful owners for creating something very classy and cool in the heart of Sydney. We wish you all the very best, it’s really lovely ! We’ll be sending people your way from Sunny QLD.

Xquisite2Red Hot Pie Message

No detail has been left unturned. We've been to a few clubs here and O.S and you'll find OSS one of if not the most welcoming, clean, classiest clubs around. Cannot recommend OSS enough.

dms2004Red Hot Pie Message

Popped in on Sunday and we were extremely impressed! loved the staff and especially the shackes room! it's what you would hope a 'swingers' venue would be like. We'll definitely be back!

Miss L. BeeRed Hot Pie message

There wasn’t a huge crowd, but I met some fabulous couples and had an awesome time chatting with everyone behind the scenes. There’s been a lot of thought put in to the space and it shows. It’s beautiful and a pleasure to be in. I’m someone who very much enjoys a little verbal foreplay, so having the lounge areas was fantastic.


Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing time on our first visit to the club last night. It was also my parnters first visit to a swingers club, and one she will remember for a long time.

MattannRed Hot Pie Forum

M and I were looking for an entry point into the scene and found OSS and had a FANTASTIC time. Mind blowing experience. Staff are wonderfully accommodating and open to answering any questions. It wasn’t an event just a regular Saturday night but I cannot wait to go to one.

Dex1473Red Hot Pie Forum

Secret spot is a great venue and J and L are great hosts. We have been to several of their parties and always have fun even if we don’t play.

Miss E.Anon

Hi Lawrence, Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for making my debut into this world of NSA so thoroughly enjoyable. It was just what i needed, and more than I expected, Many thanks.

Slices_Of_HeavenRed Hot Pie Message

Fantasic place. We had been at another club in town, but found this one to be more what we are lookng for. Ages were mostly 20's and 30s (mostly), and the club is fantastic and very welcoming.

Mr M & Mrs BRed Hot Pie message

Hi, We visited OSS last night for the first time and had a ball, ending up in a pile of bodies in the boudoir. We are looking to come back soon.

Mr M.Private Message

I took a friend there for the first time and she loved it. I wish when I was 22 someone had shared those experiences with me!

Mr R & Mrs NRed Hot Pie message

Loved OSS last night – crowd became smaller as night wore on but the action became hotter n hotter – in every corner of the club . We had an amazing time again, really wish some more people had said hello though as we were looking for more play friends but by then some groups had formed.

SweetsensualRed Hot Pie message

It's a clean very well run club. The owners are lovely and the hostess there are gorgeous. There are lots of rooms to go too. It has a small dungeon room and a spa. There is a small common area where you can chat and you get a looker on arrival. It's BYO too.

Mr A & Mrs BRed Hot Pie message

This was our first couples club experience and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. From the time of registering our interest to being greeted at the door by the hostesses, we felt welcomed and at ease. The venue was classy & clean with rooms appropriate for the vibes of the night.

Mr D & Mrs TRed Hot Pie message

The lounge and rooms were beautifully appointed. In fact, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was expecting something, a little seedy and it was anything but that…Staff were very friendly and attractive.


We have to say Our Secret Spot made us fell so welcome, relaxed and overall was such a great place. From the moment we arrived we were greeted with smiles.Given a tour and showed through the club. Lawrence was such a good host and Jess so bubbly.

Mr TRed Hot Pie message

Fun fun fun. Well I went with a friend and we had an awesome time! Granted it was busy as it was a Grand Opening but that was to be expected. The place was clean, sheets changed regularly, very friendly vibe! Will definitely be back next month!

Mr P & Mrs ARed Hot Pie message

We went last night and thought the venue was great. When you turn up you are greeted by a very attractive couple (which was a bonus…) who are really nice and were helpful throughout the night. We didn’t try the spa (although we saw couples in their most of the night) but had fun in a couple of the rooms.


Over the past 7 years, we have been fortunate enough to have been nominated and awarded multiple accolades. From the Best Swingers Provider in 2017 to the Best Adult Party and Best Adult Entertainment Venue in 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023. We continue to strive for excellence and will continue to excel thanks to the support of our community and members.