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Please read through these F.A.Q.’s. If something is not answered or you want more clarity, feel free to contact us.

Couples (M/F), single women and Approved single males are welcome to attend our events on Friday and Saturday evenings and some select Sundays.

We wholeheartedly welcome trans and non-binary people. We suggest purchasing tickets in line with how you identify. However, in the instance, a single male ticket would be most appropriate for you, you must contact us via the single male application form before purchasing the ticket.

We welcome guests who look after themselves, are well-presented and have an attitude ready for fun.

If you would like to attend one of our events as an F/F or M/M couple, please email us at –


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Private parties are organised and run by 3rd party organisers. The 3rd party organisers book and pay for the venue to invite those they like. To be invited or attend a private party listed on the events page, you need to know those 3rd party organisers and be directly invited by them. We do not give out 3rd party organisers details.

But why list it if we cannot come? Put simply – it’s to reduce confusion about us being open on a Friday night. We don’t want people to turn up thinking it’s a regular event only to find out we are closed for a private function.

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We recommend arriving as close to the opening time as possible. You want time to get settled into the club and meet other guests as they arrive. Getting to the club too late may increase the difficulty of meeting others who have spent a couple of hours talking and have moved on to play.

Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00 pm till late (best to arrive between 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm). Sunday opening times vary, so make sure to check the event details.

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The average age range is made up of guests in their early 30’s to mid 40’s, with our wider range of early 20’s to early 60’s.

We do not hold age related events as we have found age is not as important as connection and these connections can easily be made with those outside your usual age range.

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Bring yourself looking hot and ready for fun.

DRESS CODE – For all non-themed events, we ask our guests to “Dress to Impress” like you would when dining at a nice restaurant or for drinks at a fancy cocktail bar. After all, you are trying to make an excellent first impression on other guests.

For the sake of clarity, here is a general list of no-nos:

  • T-Shirts
  • Singlets for men
  • Tracksuit (either tops or bottoms or both)
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Shorts
  • Thongs/sliders
  • Slippers (yes, a couple once turned up in slippers, so now we have to say it)

Please keep in mind you may not be wearing any of the above and still be turned away if we feel you haven’t made an effort with your attire.

For themed events, we ask you to dress in the theme. Basically, “No effort, No entry”. Themed events are not nearly as fun if people aren’t dressed up. You don’t need to be in full costume, but effort needs to be shown.

Wearing items on the no-no list may be acceptable for some theme events. For example, a beach theme party. Check with the venue ahead of time about your outfit if you are unsure.

With lockers onsite, If your outfit is too revealing for the outside world, you are welcome to get dressed once you arrive. For all other outfits, please come already dressed.

We reserve the right to deny entry, so ensure you are dressed appropriately for themed and non-themed events; if not, you risk being denied entry.

ALCOHOL – We are a BYO venue, so bring along whatever alcohol you want; there is no restriction on what you can bring. Anything in glass will be transferred to our plastic glassware. Standard mixers and juices are available for those who don’t drink or require a mixer for their alcohol. We label and store your drinks behind the bar or in the fridge if needed; we then serve them as you require. There is a Vintage Cellars over the road if you forget to bring something.

TOYS – You’re welcome to bring your toys. Often, people like adding toys to their play, and we encourage you to bring them along if you wish. We also have a small selection of toys (located in the cabinet in the dungeon) that can be borrowed during the night. Please see a staff member if you want to use any of these.

Everything else you may need is provided. We provide lockers to store your belongings, towels, and robes upon request. All safe sex provisions are readily available in the play areas, but if you have any special requirements like latex-free condoms or a specific condom size that fits you, then it is best to bring those along yourself.

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As part of your ticket price you receive a locker and have the use of towels, condoms, dams and lube. We have private and open showers, multiple toilets and condoms, dams and lube in all play areas in the venue.


Whilst we advocate having some dirty and naughty fun, we place a great deal of emphasis on a clean venue.

Staff are constantly moving around the venue collecting glassware and tidying up. Sheets and pillow cases are changed regularly throughout the night by our staff and we always have clean sheets and pillow cases available next to all beds incase you need to change them yourself. Towels are located at all showers, with washing baskets there for all dirty towels.

If there is anything not to your satisfaction on the night, please notify a staff member and it will be rectified for you.

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If you request a refund, credit or need to change your ticket for any reason. Please reply back to your emailed ticket or ticket order, letting us know what you require. For refunds and credits, notice must be given within the time frame as per our T’s&C’s below for us to assist.

SECTION 7 of our Terms and Conditions – TICKETING & RETURN POLICY

Request for a refund or credit on ticket purchase will be approved, provided you contact the venue more than 24 hours before the event start time.

Only a credit will be available if you give notice to the venue from between 24 hours to two hours before the event start time.

Neither a refund nor credit will be approved if notice is given within two hours of the event’s start time. (There are no exceptions!)


Communication is Key!  Before attending one of our events make sure you have spoken to your partner and discussed your boundaries and desires for the night ahead. Continue to check in throughout the night, to make sure your partner is ok and enjoying themselves. Then, once over and back home, talk about the night. What worked, what didn’t, do you need to change your boundaries for next time. Having an understanding about your boundaries is also important for single females and males attending our events.

Walk as slow as the slowest person in your relationship! There is no rush. Taking your time and making sure you and your partner are on the same page will always make for a more enjoyable night for all involved. Prioritise your partner over any situation that you may find your self in. You both need be the most important person in the room to each other. After all, you are there to value add to your relationship and create sexy and fun memories together.

Expectations! Do not come with any. If you end up attending multiple events you will see how no night is the same. The age demographic will change as will the people you are attracted to, or connect with. Some nights will be easier to make connections and other nights hard. Also, Sex is never guaranteed. Just because you are in a sex club does not mean you will have sex and anyone attending thinking that this will happen is not in the right venue. There is more to this lifestyle than sex and for those that stay in the scene you will no doubt end up with great friends made from both within the club and the lifestyle as a whole.

We have a podcast episode dedicated Newbies. Check out episode 8 here.

You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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CAR – If you’re coming by car there is plenty of street parking on the Parramatta road or side streets. As maps can sometimes lead guests to a different 191 Parramatta Road, Annandale, Young St is our closest side street and there is a Shell Petrol station and Vintage Cellars bottle shop directly opposite us.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Taxi/Uber or Bus is the easiest way to get to us from the city or west. A taxi/Uber will take around 10-15 minutes from the southern end of the city. Parramatta road is very busy so at the end of the night it wont take long to find a ride home.  The closest train station is Stanmore which is a 12 minute walk from our venue.

ACCOMODATION – With the city only a 1-15 minute drive away we suggest staying in the city if you are visiting from out of town. There is a style and price range to match everyones needs.


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Click your profile in the members only area. Then click account from the dropdown. Then click delete account and follow the steps given.

Yes! We strongly recommend that all couples and singles practice safe sex both inside and outside of the venue. We provide condoms, dams and lube in all play areas of the club.

For those that prefer not to use protection, we stress that it is extremely important to address this prior to any acts of intimacy and to gain verbal consent that all parties are accepting, before continuing.

We do not request proof of a clean health check for our guests attending the club. We suggest discussing sexual health prior to any acts of intimacy with all new play partners.

No You don’t need to become a member to attend one of our events.

Our members area is a community forum where you can connect with other likeminded people who attend or are interested in attending the club and the lifestyle.

You can become an online member simply by heading to the “Join the Community” page and choosing a plan that suits you. Then you can sign in and connect and chat with other members or reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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You are not required to dress down upon entry or when mingling at the main floor socialising area.

If you are planning to watch others in the open play areas, we do ask you to dress down to at least your underwear, as not doing so makes it uncomfortable for those naked/having sex.

If you are naked, it is a requirement to have a towel or underwear on when coming to the social areas of the venue (bar, pool table), for the comfort of others.

Lockers are provided in your ticket price and are there for when you are ready to change into something more provocative. We also provide towels and dressing gowns (on request) once you choose to dress down.

Please make sure you are covered if smoking or vaping outside the front of our venue.

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Absolutely not.

What and how much you do it is completely up to you. You set your boundaries that you are comfortable with.

If you are new to swinging or nervous about being in a venue like ours and you’d just like to watch, then that’s completely fine.

If you are a devious sexpot who thrives on the sexual attention and connection of others, then that is fine too. Basically, you are free to do whatever you are comfortable with.

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No, you do not need to look a certain way to attend our events.

We do not vet or judge our patrons based on body shape, size, age or background. Our staff are a diverse age range and body shape and we love seeing the same in our venue. What is sexy to one person will not be sexy to another and we all have the ability to rock it and look hot!

What we ask of our guests is that they understand how to present themselves, both in how they dress and how they behave, and that they come with a fun and open attitude.

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No, we do not require you to attend a Newbie Night first before attending other events.

All of our events are newbie friendly, so you are more than welcome to choose an event that looks the most fun and suits your availability.

If you are attending an event other than a Newbie Night for your first time to the club, please make the bar staff aware that you haven’t visited us before and one of the staff will take you on a tour of the club, answering any questions you may have.

The quick answer is – NO!

There is no smoking or vaping anywhere inside the venue. If you are caught smoking or vaping and set our smoke detectors off, this is an $1800 fine, which you will be liable to cover. Do not use the back door as this will set off the fire alarm and you will be responsible for the above fine.

You are welcome to smoke/vape outside the venue on Parramatta road. Please make sure to put any cigarette butts or empty vapes into the garage bin near by.

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Yes, our venue is available to hire for events or parties.

If you’d like to have your own swingers club for a day or night where you can invite whoever you like or to use the venue for a film or photo shoot, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Contact us via for further information.

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