Please read through these F.A.Q.’s. If something is not answered or you want more clarity, feel free to contact us.

Couples, single women and approved single men only on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday days (when we’re occasionally open). We welcome guests who look after themselves, are well presented and have an attitude ready for fun.

All the guests are fun and friendly and are fulfilling some type of fantasy – just like you.

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We recommend arriving as close to the opening time as possible. You want time to get settled into the club and meet other guests as they arrive. Getting to the club too late may increase the difficulty of meeting others who have spent a couple of hours talking and have moved on to play.

Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00pm – 12:00am (best to arrive between 7:00pm – 8:30pm). Sunday opening times vary, so make sure to check the event details.

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Obviously, bring yourself looking hot and ready for fun.

Bring your own alcohol. We have mixers available, but you must supply your alcoholic drinks. We label and store your drinks behind the bar or in the fridge if needed, we then serve them to you as you require.

You’re welcome to bring your own toys. Often people like the addition of toys to their play, and we encourage you to bring them along if you wish.

Everything else you may need is provided. We provide lockers to store your belongings, towels, and robes upon request. All safe sex provisions are readily available in the play areas, but if you have any special requirements like latex-free condoms or a certain condom size that fits you, then it is best to bring those along yourself.

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Whilst we advocate having some dirty and naughty fun, we place a great deal of emphasis on a clean play area. Sheets and pillowslips are changed regularly throughout the night. Plus, your own towel is provided to you upon your entry. If there is anything not to your satisfaction, notify a staff member and it will be rectified for you.

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If you’re coming by car there is plenty of street parking on the main road or side streets.

Coming by public transport is easy with multiple bus stops within a short vicinity of Our Secret Spot. The closest train station is Stanmore or Central and you will need to catch a bus to arrive.

Additionally, there are plenty of taxis on Parramatta Rd after you leave the club.

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You are not required to dress down upon entry and when mingling in the downstairs socialising area.

There are lockers available for you to change from regular street clothes to something more provocative. We also provide towels and dressing gowns on request if you prefer once you choose to dress down.

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Absolutely not.

What and how much you do it is completely up to you. If you are new to swinging or nervous about being in a venue like ours and you’d just like to watch, then that’s completely fine.

If you are a devious sexpot who thrives on the sexual attention and connection of others, then that is fine too. Basically, you are free to do whatever you are comfortable with.

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We cater to people who understand how to present themselves and know how to have fun. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you may be the model type to our other guests.

The staff take pride in their appearance as well as the venue itself and we expect our guests to do the same. Whilst there is no strict dress code, we do encourage the ‘dress to impress’ ethos. Some ideas are a cocktail dress with perhaps some lingerie underneath for the ladies and a collared shirts and trousers for the gents.

Our guests come for each other, so make sure you show yourself at your best!

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Yes, you can!

You can become an online member simply by heading to the “Join the Community” page. There you can connect and chat with other members online.

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Yes, you can. If you’d like to have your own swingers club for a day or night where you can invite who you like, this is the perfect solution for you. Contact us via info@oursecretspot.com.au to see how we create your fantasy.

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