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Oh snap! Does your partner saying this instil fear or does it pump you up with excitement? Maybe it does both. Now that is out there, you must decide what does going to a swingers club mean for your relationship.

At some point, you may encounter resistance to having sex with others outside your relationship. It could come from your own internal dialogue or from external sources (family, friends, and the media). Things you may hear: “you don’t care for your partner”; or “it’s not normal”; or “if you love them you wouldn’t to that”.

The truth is you and your partner need to decide between yourselves what makes you happy. Having that first open conversation about desires and limitations can feel euphoric. Your partner asking you if you want to go to a swingers club is not indication of a failed relationship – it is a sign of the confidence they have in the strength of your relationship.

Being the one asking the question can be a nerve racking experience – exposing yourself and what can sometimes be a deep, hidden desire often takes a lot of courage. Sharing such intimate parts of yourself is both difficult and beautiful. Be kind and gentle with each other.

Whether you are the one asking or being asked, you need to be honest when explaining and responding what you are excited about and what makes you nervous. A helpful tip is to make sure when describing your fantasies that your partner is included. This ensures it’s about your sexual journey together. Also, chances are you and your partner have dabbled in the idea of having extra people involved in your bedroom play. It’s only now you are making steps to making it a reality.

Remember, that others before you have felt the fear and excitement of stepping over the threshold of coming to a swingers club. Here is what Miss Em said to us about her first visit to Our Secret Spot:

It exceeded my expectations and I had so much fun. Your venue is awesome, completely different to what I had imagined a swingers club would be like. It was very clean, very un-intimidating and very welcoming.

A massive thank you!

Now is time to indulge to your desires with each other.

Visit the events page for Our Secret Spot: Australia’s Hottest Swingers Club and decide which night will best suit you.