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Face of ManAt Our Secret Spot we find a common question or concern is how do we look the part and how do we present ourselves? But short of wearing the appropriate clothing there are other matters to attend to when you may find yourself getting naked with people you’ve only just met.

It’s no secret women have far more choices when it comes to grooming whilst men have a much smaller pool to draw from. The swinging lifestyle (essentially a lifestyle for the lustful) requires people’s appearance to be taken into consideration. The amount of body hair a man should have is a contentious issue but we argue that there needs to be some level of manicuring.

Not being experts ourselves, we asked Kylie, the owner of Face of Man to discuss all things male grooming, looking and feeling your best to give you the greatest chance of having the most fun.

What does Face of Man specialise in and what can a man expect?

Face of Man specialises in skin health and hair removal. We do all grooming needs – everything from laser, waxing, facials, massage and we even a infra-red sauna. We like to make sure men look after their skin properly and we do write up “at home” skin care treatments so you know what products to use.

How do you differ from a typical beauty salon?

Face of Man has a unique position being we are a men’s only salon. Aside from staff, women are not permitted inside the facility. We have an all-female staff at Face of Man because I do not think many men would feel comfortable have their bits handled by another guy. (Laughs)

So, is there anything to be embarrassed about?

The staff here have seen it all. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about and even those who are nervous making that first phone call quickly see that the salon is very masculine and there are other men just like them being attended to.

What is the most requested treatment?

Back and shoulder laser. We find men want to feel good about themselves and not be sprouting hair where they shouldn’t be.

Do the female partners have much of an influence in men getting treatments?

I find women have a big influence when it comes to males getting a Brazilian treatment. It’s like a trade-off situation. The women says, “You like me to have a Brazilian, so I’d like you to have for when I go down to funky town.” (Laughs) Therefore, there is an absolute spike in Brazilian treatments. People in various lifestyles, like the swinging lifestyle, want to be presenting themselves immaculately.

Why do you think male grooming is important?

It’s more appealing. Smooth skin is more sexually attractive than lots of hair. Being a man in the swinging lifestyle you want to be as appealing as possible on first sight – that equals more fun for sure.

Is there such thing as too much grooming?

There is a line. If you’re in a relationship with a woman, I feel the guy shouldn’t be spending more time grooming himself than her. There may be more body hair that needs attending to but with effective waxing or laser treatments the amount of time spent of tidying unwanted body hair will be greatly reduced.

So there you have it guys, getting that unsightly body hair trimmed, waxed or lasered is far more acceptable nowadays than it has been in the past. Don’t think you need to do anything? Well, many women would say otherwise – impress the ladies and you’re sure to have a better time when visiting Our Secret Spot.

Need more of a push? Well, Face of Man are generously supporting Our Secret Spot customers by offering a special introductory offer for grooming services as well as some gift packs for customers attending the club.

Be sure to check out the link here for your introductory offer and please leave us a comment below if you found this interview helpful and suggest other topics you’d like us to cover.