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Teaser 4 What Happens at Our Secret Spot

This episode will give you an insight into what happens at Our Secret Spot when the party is running. Hear real guests discuss their debaucherous playtime on the night.

Newcomers often ask what happens at Our Secret Spot and the answer will depend on what you are looking for in your night.

The club is a place for you to meet and greet like-minded people and there is no pressure to play. However, play is always an option and if you decide to partake, whether it be just you and your partner, or ‘soft swapping’ or ‘full swapping’ with another couple then you’re bound to find someone you like.

As you will hear from the guests from this episode, they love what happens at Our Secret Spot and the sexy fun they have sounds very hot. Guests feel relaxed and have the ability to dictate the fun of their own night. There are socialising areas in the ‘downstairs’ part of the club including a BYO alcohol bar. The lounge room is conducive to sexy talk, and we even have ice breaker games for you to play. ‘Upstairs’ is where the play rooms are located and vary from a private room to open door rooms. There’s even a hot tub to get things heated up.

“At the end of the day we’re just like you – we just like fucking other people.”

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