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16. Debaucherous December

Debaucherous December! Oh, what a month it has been at Our Secret Spot.

Welcome back to another podcast episode of Our Secret Spot – The Podcast. This week’s episode is Debaucherous December.

Lawrence and Jess reminisce about the sexy and fun stories they witnessed over December.

Jess starts with a couple of naughty princes and princesses getting adventurous in the swing room. It was certainly not suitable for children, and you may never look at these characters the same way again.

Lawrence then retells how he ruined a couple’s debaucherous fun in the dungeon space. But not all was lost; the sequel to the story makes up for it.

Following this, Jess encounters a Lucifer that would make the T.V. character blush.

Finally, Lawrence shares one of his favourite stories ever, and it happens at the club’s bar.

Stick around for the end of the episode to hear the Free Entry to the Club promotion winner.

Please enjoy the month review of December that was Debaucheorus December.

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