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13. Advice for Single Men (feat. Army)

Are you seeking advice for single men to get into a swingers club? Yes? Then this episode of Our Secret Spot: The Podcast is for you.

Questions from single men about how to gain entry to the club fill the inboxes of Our Secret Spot. Mostly, it is apparent by what they say and ask, that they are not the right fit for our swingers club.

However, some few single men are looking for advice and guidance because they want to be great party guests.

This podcast episode covers some candid advice for single men about what to do, say and wear.

Jess and Lawrence are joined by a regular attendee of the club, Army (named changed for privacy). Army is one of a few single men that have a standing ‘Yes’ to come to the club. Army’s advice is real, honest and heartfelt – a lot can be learnt from him.

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