Pussycats & Tomcats Party – Saturday 15th July


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Pussycats & Tomcats Party purrs to life from 8 pm

We want all those playful Pussies and Tom’s to slink their way to the club for a night of blissful fun. The theme is simple and fun.

Join us and meet other like-minded couples and singles in a safe and sexy environment.

We have some ears and masks available at the club for those who do not own any. However, we do recommend bringing your own that you like the look of and that you feel comfortable wearing.


What to Wear


Dressed to impress with some cat ears

Perhaps some black arms gloves with claws

Or even a latex catsuit. Meoooow


Dressed to impress with some cat ears

Perhaps shirtless with a bowtie

Or even a latex catsuit. Ooooh yeah.


Our Annandale venue can hold limited patrons, so pre-ticket purchases are highly recommended.

Online Tickets:
$155 per couple
$80 single female
$95 APPROVED single men.