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What do we need to wear and bring?

Bring yourself looking hot and ready for fun.

DRESS CODE – For all non-themed events, we ask our guests to “Dress to Impress” like you would when dining at a nice restaurant or for drinks at a fancy cocktail bar. After all, you are trying to make an excellent first impression on other guests.

For the sake of clarity, here is a general list of no-nos:

  • T-Shirts
  • Singlets for men
  • Tracksuit (either tops or bottoms or both)
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Shorts
  • Thongs/sliders
  • Slippers (yes, a couple once turned up in slippers, so now we have to say it)

Please keep in mind you may not be wearing any of the above and still be turned away if we feel you haven’t made an effort with your attire.

For themed events, we ask you to dress in the theme. Basically, “No effort, No entry”. Themed events are not nearly as fun if people aren’t dressed up. You don’t need to be in full costume, but effort needs to be shown.

Wearing items on the no-no list may be acceptable for some theme events. For example, a beach theme party. Check with the venue ahead of time about your outfit if you are unsure.

With lockers onsite, If your outfit is too revealing for the outside world, you are welcome to get dressed once you arrive. For all other outfits, please come already dressed.

We reserve the right to deny entry, so ensure you are dressed appropriately for themed and non-themed events; if not, you risk being denied entry.

ALCOHOL – We are a BYO venue, so bring along whatever alcohol you want; there is no restriction on what you can bring. Anything in glass will be transferred to our plastic glassware. Standard mixers and juices are available for those who don’t drink or require a mixer for their alcohol. We label and store your drinks behind the bar or in the fridge if needed; we then serve them as you require. There is a Vintage Cellars over the road if you forget to bring something.

TOYS – You’re welcome to bring your toys. Often, people like adding toys to their play, and we encourage you to bring them along if you wish. We also have a small selection of toys (located in the cabinet in the dungeon) that can be borrowed during the night. Please see a staff member if you want to use any of these.

Everything else you may need is provided. We provide lockers to store your belongings, towels, and robes upon request. All safe sex provisions are readily available in the play areas, but if you have any special requirements like latex-free condoms or a specific condom size that fits you, then it is best to bring those along yourself.

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