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I/we are brand new to swinging. Any tips?

Communication is Key!  Before attending one of our events make sure you have spoken to your partner and discussed your boundaries and desires for the night ahead. Continue to check in throughout the night, to make sure your partner is ok and enjoying themselves. Then, once over and back home, talk about the night. What worked, what didn’t, do you need to change your boundaries for next time. Having an understanding about your boundaries is also important for single females and males attending our events.

Walk as slow as the slowest person in your relationship! There is no rush. Taking your time and making sure you and your partner are on the same page will always make for a more enjoyable night for all involved. Prioritise your partner over any situation that you may find your self in. You both need be the most important person in the room to each other. After all, you are there to value add to your relationship and create sexy and fun memories together.

Expectations! Do not come with any. If you end up attending multiple events you will see how no night is the same. The age demographic will change as will the people you are attracted to, or connect with. Some nights will be easier to make connections and other nights hard. Also, Sex is never guaranteed. Just because you are in a sex club does not mean you will have sex and anyone attending thinking that this will happen is not in the right venue. There is more to this lifestyle than sex and for those that stay in the scene you will no doubt end up with great friends made from both within the club and the lifestyle as a whole.

We have a podcast episode dedicated Newbies. Check out episode 8 here.

You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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