Sex Ed in the City is a team of educators focused on helping couples and singles enhance their relationships through the safe and comfortable exploration of sex and sexual issues.

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Jo Ross (a.k.a. MisJif)

Jo brings together her skills as an adult educator with her passion for everything erotic to help couples and singles discover a whole new level of sexual awareness and satisfaction.

Sex is natural, sex is beautiful, sex is romantic, sex is wild, but it can also be mundane, repetitive, lifeless and devoid of passion, which is why so many couples in steady relationships struggle with it.   With a very strict upbringing, Jo feared her sex life was forever going to be routine and mind numbing until the day she stumbled upon an ad for Dominatrix (Mistress) training in local paper.  This started her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Jo has travelled around the world in search of broadening her horizons; these experiences and continuous education regarding sexual psychology and it’s biology are what make Jo the educator she is today.   Confident, realistic, compassionate, educated and caring, Jo is the ultimate coach who’s ultimate goal is seeing her clients happy.   With a proven record in education and a strong background in sexology, Jo will lead you on a journey of discovery and appreciation.

Jo’s workshops are fun, informative, interactive and a great way to learn how to spice things up.

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