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If you’re looking for a fascinating story, have I got one for you. It’s about a sexy little internet site that grew from humble beginnings to become Australia’s sexiest online dating community for guys, girls and couples. The site is RedHotPie and amongst the orgasmic moans and groans, that name can now be heard in clubs, pubs, parties and bedrooms all around Australia.

RedHotPie is about flaunting the conventions; the norms are smashed and daring is embraced.

The Pie offices are perched squarely on the cutting edge.

It all began back in 2002 and it was a different time; we surfed the information hwy at a dizzying 56kbps, Big Brother was a ratings hit, Britney was hot, and on the West Coast of Australia two lifestyle visionaries were about to unleash an online phenomenon.

RedHotPie founders and CEOs charged themselves with the task of overhauling the online dating game. Gone would be the stale personals sections, the messaging services and the uncertainty of what amounted to blind dates. Instead, Red Hot Pie would bring the country’s sexy singles and couples together in a new medium that would attract 20,000 member listings in the first six months alone.

Today RedHotPie oversees operations around Australia and the globe. It ranks among peers such as FHM, Cleo, Perez Hilton and Zoo as one of the most recognisable young brands in modern Australian culture and it deals in some crazy volumes. Currently RHP has over 2.5 million member listings. Whether you’re looking for a swingers club in Brisbane, or the top Adult club in Sydney, you will find them all on RedHotPie.

With a foothold in Europe, the Pie has it’s sights set on several new markets overseas while it’s commitment to the evolution of the Australian scene remains a top priority.