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No matter how close you are with your partner, the general passing of time combined with the day-to-day pressures you both face can often make it difficult to focus on intimacy.

Swinging or couple swapping is a fantastic way to inject some fun and excitement into your life with your partner. It can increase sexual satisfaction, open up a healthy dialogue about your relationship, and allow you to explore areas of your sexuality that you haven’t before. If you are interested in swinging, then check out our partner site Red Hot Pie and start chatting with a few couples and bring them over to our swingers club for some sexy fun.

Many married couples and into couple swapping because they find the experience reinvigorates the sexual chemistry that has been lost over the years, and they can discover exciting things about their husband or wife that they never knew before.

Important things to remember about couple swapping

Unfortunately, some partners swap under the misapprehension that swinging is about temporarily swapping a wife or husband for a new and improved model. Although it is about fun and adventure, swinging is meant to be an experience that enhances your sex life as a couple and adds a new dimension to your relationship.

Open and honest communication will be the most important thing to assure a positive swinging experience. Before you swap couples, it is vital you are both on the same page and genuinely want this experience – otherwise one or both of you may experience jealousy, unease, embarrassment, and even fear during the experience. This can lead to problems in other areas of the relationship.

Don’t swap partners if you are not comfortable with your intimacy, sexual chemistry and status as a couple. After all, swinging is meant to be fun, not couples therapy.

Just remember; the more you trust each other, communicate with each other, and feel loved by each other, the more fun – and adventurous – this experience will be.

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