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23 08, 2016

Getting into Swinging

Getting into Swinging

Ever wondered how couples end up getting into swinging? Are they unhappy in their relationship? Is it glorified cheating? Are they just total horn bags?

The answers may surprise you why couples decide getting into swinging is a good lifestyle choice. In this episode of our podcast you can hear what real couples have to say about their journey […]

11 05, 2015

Advice for the Swinging Lifestyle

An Interview with Kylie – owner of Face of Man

Face of Man

At Our Secret Spot we find a common question or concern is how do we look the part and how do we present ourselves? But short of wearing the appropriate clothing there are other matters to attend to when you may find yourself […]

3 03, 2015

Honey, let’s go to a swingers club

Oh snap! Does your partner saying this instil fear or does it pump you up with excitement? Maybe it does both. Now that is out there, you must decide what does going to a swingers club mean for your relationship.


At some point, you may encounter resistance to having sex with others outside your relationship. It could come from your own […]